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New &  Refurbished IP System solutions, Essential Services Provider and more...

Panasonic phone systems combine the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology, offering maximum feature and functional flexibility to handle all of customers’ business communication needs, both today and in the future.

A customers phone & data network via patch panels. Keeping it easy for them to change phone and data location around the office.

3 Cabinet Panasonic TDE 600 system, Rack mounted in customers communications rack.


All our technicians care about what they do and also about the customer. This means will do quality work that will not only be reliable, it will also be neat. Therefore easier to work on and trouble shoot in the future.

Nec have been in the phone service in Australian Industry for well over 20 years with extensive knowledge base and innovations they keep proving themselves to be reliable, popular and effective Telephone Systems.

Outstanding Features

  • Extensive range of options and accessories.
  • Caller ID standard on PSTN Lines.
  • Powerful PABX programming, Web user interface.
  • Handsets have light up keypad.
  • New Bluetooth wireless Hand piece.

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